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Bumpy’s Owner Shares About Her Experience

I received this message from a horse client this weekend! 🌞

“I want to share this ‘WOW’ moment when Karen came and did a session with my horse Bumpy in July.


Bumpy is 37 years old, she is a quarter horse, I’ve owned her for 23 years and she is my biggest best buddy!

A month ago 200+ goats were brought to our ranch to graze for weed control. On the 2nd day they all got loose and gathered near Bumpy’s paddock, she was very, very frightened!
For the next 2 days she would not eat or drink any water, she paced in her paddock and was just not calming down. I called Karen to come and help her asap as was worried she’d colic.

It was an amazing transformation to watch as Karen worked with Bumpy!
Within an hour Bumpy was back to her calm self! She started drinking water, a few swallows every 5 minutes (she’s very wise).

I watched her do this for 1 hour, then she ate some food throughout the night. She’s been herself ever since even with the goats there for a month. I’m forever grateful to Karen for the amazing work she does! Bumpy and I highly recommend Karen’s Energy Work services!”

Joan K. & Bumpy


Much gratitude to the awesome people and animals I have met in this work.  Thank you Joan!  ❤

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One Horse from the Rat Race

Christina Christensen of CORE EQUESTRIAN posted this article the other day on fb.

This is a must read. I love that we have fun. I love that everyone who I work with has a goal of bettering themselves without getting stuck in “the race”.


article by carleighfedorka’s blog

It immediately brought to mind a horse she had brought me in to work with named Shorty.  Shorty’s situation is not rare, and as my experience grows, so do the number of horses I meet that still resonate with trauma from their pasts.  This is a shout out of huge respect to the horse owners & trainers out there that refuse to get caught up in the “Rat Race”;  the ones who remember their love for the horse and do right by them.  You guys ROCK!

And this post is a nod of respect to Chrissy Christensen of Core Equestrian;  she is a consummate professional and her consideration for the horse and his well-being is as important as supporting her client’s goals.  I am working with one of her ‘project’ horses named Shorty.  He has huge talent, was shown on the International Jump Circuit in Europe and within his young lifetime had been pushed too fast and too hard breaking down at the age of 9.  The break downs professionals see all too often are not only in the body but in the mind and spirit.
Shorty has white scar fur running midline atop his withers. He came to Chrissy a year ago with open wounds there.  
He arrived fractured in mind, body, and spirit.
She has been working to help him come back in every way possible.

Shorty crossties

The first day I met Shorty

I was brought in to Shorty’s healing team in March as he had reached a wall in his healing progress.  We are moving him through it.  When I met Shorty the first time, his anxiety and trauma was screaming like a banshee in his energy body as I scanned him.  And despite his state, he was the sweetest, kindest horse.

It takes an open mind and integrity towards the Horse to be willing to take the time & effort, and to step beyond known solutions on the path to help one’s horse heal.  Initially, I gave Chrissy a demo on Shorty scanning him and telling her exactly what I read in his Energy Body and Physical Body.  I had no history on him but I accurately described his known issues, provided more information on his state, and confirmed her intuition about why he was slow to heal further.  I outlined a way to help him overcome his current impasse.

Hats off to Chrissy for being open-minded, as she put it to me this way the first day we met to discuss Shorty: “Karen, I don’t know if this Energy Work really does work, but if it doesn’t hurt him, can make a difference, and helps Shorty come back, I’m all for it!”.
Nowadays Shorty has a team focusing on all aspects of his complete healing.   He is getting his mojo back!

Huge respect to a horse trainer who has this horse’s back.

Shorty fb

Shorty relaxing during a break in one of our recent Energy Sessions.

Chrissy Christensen’s site is: www.coreequestrian.com

Visit me on FB for new updates too!


Here’s a few more vids & an update in case you want to see more on Shorty!  🙂

Most recently in our 3rd Session, I was blown away!  He is such a smart horse.  He had received some poll/atlas work with the Masterson Method ‘Poll-up’ technique during the previous session and was a little nervous about it.  This time, he put his chin on my shoulder and ASKED for the work!  Then a little while later, he walked over to my medicine bag and nosed the panel where the essential oils were.  So i offered him a selection and he chose doTERRA’s Aromatouch & Deep Blue (both supportive of pain and inflammation relief).  He breathed them in for a long time, then I applied them to his injured tendon and sore spine.  Then Shorty walked back to the bag and nosed the box with my RedLight in it.  And waited for me to give him some Red Light Therapy.  Talk about being open to the work.  He was literally leading it!  Lol.

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Earth Angel



Have some animals in your lives felt angelic in nature?
One of ours did, it was Leia our Shiba Inu.
Even as a pup, she had this affect of Lightness, she raised the spirits & the vibration of those in her presence, always.
She quietly brought up the energy in the space wherever she was present, and especially in our house.  We called her the “angel”. I have had other beloved dogs in my life, all very special and so full of personality in their own individual ways, and yet Leia was different.  She was from someplace beyond this dense world.

As she matured, she knew her purpose and oftentimes it seemed that she was quietly waiting for me to catch up and ‘get it’.  I, no We, grew to understand, and then she left too soon.

She held a big space;  and she continues to do so.  Forever in our hearts.

Love you Leia. ❤

“LEIA” Kaberu’s Leia of RanchLake

11-12-05 – 08-26-16 (Beau x Mayako 1)

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Dottie LOVES Energy Healing!


Dottie is a wonderful POA who is loved by everyone, and especially her humans DeeDee & Richard.  She & Sonny, a solid chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, enjoy trail rides and play Parelli Games with their humans.  I met Dottie on a sunny Spring morning; she is quietly self-possessed and knowing – her gentle presence drew me like a magnet.  To begin I brought out my traveling rattle and DeeDee L. and I sat under a large Oak Tree to Call in The Spirits (my Spirit Allies).   The setting was prepared spiritually and energetically, then we got started.  When I worked with Dottie at first she was questioning and guarded, but she soon focused on the work and opened herself deeply in her own self-healing.  I call it self-healing because each individual creates it.  I work as the energetic & spiritual Connection to help amplify and facilitate their connection to their Divine Self and to God/Source.  It is through clear and adept energetic Connection that transformative improvements take place for the individual.

Here are some photos (taken by Susan Osofsky) of our session…




Read more about Dottie’s session here.

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Cheyenne says ‘Thank You’, Session 3

I have been working with Cheyenne, Susan O.’s wonderful chestnut Quarterhorse Mare.  It has been 3 sessions to date and we are progressing!  Here are some new events that happened in Session 3.   (And here is original article on Cheyenne, Sessions 1 & 2).

Session 3:

1)  This time, Cheyenne was very open to the Energy Work in her Heart Space – the area she has been very defensive and reactive to at first.

photo by Susan Osofsky

photo by Susan Osofsky

*   *   *

2)  More Releases!  Here is this long extended release, still working itself out…

*   *   *

3)  Cheyenne’s tail began to spread with electricity when I did the Energy Work on her hind end!  That was pretty amazing to see.  We are working out the tension in her Hind End, peeling away of layers …


Cheyenne has much tension in her hind end. When I work on it, her tail is held out as shown here. This time it also started to spread with electricity! photo by Susan Osofsky

*   *   *

4)  Cheyenne says ‘Thank You’!!!!  🙂   This meant a lot to me especially because she is an exacting teacher.

*   *   *





Thank You Cheyenne & Susan!

Cheyenne & Susan Osofsky

Cheyenne & Susan Osofsky

All photos & videos are by & property of Susan Osofsky.

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Dottie & Sonny

I just received a note from a new client, DeeDee, whose horses Dottie & Sonny I had the pleasure of working with earlier this week.  When we met, we sat under a shade tree and I Called in the Spirits and then we began our session.  The work was a combination of Shamanic Healing + Energy Healing On-Hands Work + Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Body Work (this last part I am currently working towards my certification in).   Here is DeeDee’s moving feedback, had to share it!  Thanks DeeDee!
     The day of the session with my 18 year old POA mare, Dottie, was amazing. She is a ‘move about horse’. And she stood quietly for almost the whole time while you were with her. That was the first thing I noticed. Then, her willingness to have you work with her energy was amazing. Almost no objection. And the deep deep release and relaxation I saw happening put me in a similar state. Something from her belly released into your hand with sharp, prickly sensation. It must have been bothering her. Because even days later she seems so much ‘happier’ and willing to be with us. Instead of having to go get her halfway up in her pasture, she is coming at a trot right to the gate to meet us. And sticking her head into the offered halter. I don’t know what all transpired, but I can see a different set of results than before. Thank you.
     The session you did with my 19 year old gelding, Sonny, even amazed my engineer husband. Sonny stood immediately (not so strange) but  then he melted into your presence. I appreciated your comments about how well preserved he is for his age and how grounded and steady. He is that horse. I hope to have him and ride him into his thirties. You give me hope. I have been telling people we discovered Sonny has his own Spirit Guide, a big black/brown bear. (Hard to do with a straight face) As you were working with that energy Sonny transformed into that shaggy beast in some ways. His openness to the combination of energy and Mastersen work pleased me. He was so willing to move himself into positions of stretch and release. the way he surrendered to you, almost taking a nap  in your arms as you worked on him, his soft, sleepy eyes showed so much trust. Since your visit, he has been more present, playful and MOVING. A big change. Thank you.
     What was so interesting was Dottie’s reaction to your work with Sonny. When you first started working with Sonny, she was very close to him. They are very connected on any day, so I drew her away, to create a space for you and Sonny to connect. After a while when I let her find her own place, she slowly drifted back toward you two. And then she positioned herself just outside the circle of energy you were working in and went into a ‘trance’. She looked as if she was floating on the deep, calm energy you had created around Sonny. It seemed like she was continuing the releases that had begun in her own session. I don’t think she put herself in your way. Just rode the energy. And for a ‘walk about horse’ she stood quietly the whole time.
     Thank you for your immense kindness to my horses in all you did. Your approach, your touch, your appreciation for them shone through in every moment and movement. You inspire me to let my love and joy be expressed in every moment and movement I am with them.”
     DeeDee L.
Dottie & DeeDee copyright DeeDee Levine

Dottie & DeeDee
copyright Frances Loza