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Cheyenne says ‘Thank You’, Session 3

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I have been working with Cheyenne, Susan O.’s wonderful chestnut Quarterhorse Mare.  It has been 3 sessions to date and we are progressing!  Here are some new events that happened in Session 3.   (And here is original article on Cheyenne, Sessions 1 & 2).

Session 3:

1)  This time, Cheyenne was very open to the Energy Work in her Heart Space – the area she has been very defensive and reactive to at first.

photo by Susan Osofsky

photo by Susan Osofsky

*   *   *

2)  More Releases!  Here is this long extended release, still working itself out…

*   *   *

3)  Cheyenne’s tail began to spread with electricity when I did the Energy Work on her hind end!  That was pretty amazing to see.  We are working out the tension in her Hind End, peeling away of layers …


Cheyenne has much tension in her hind end. When I work on it, her tail is held out as shown here. This time it also started to spread with electricity! photo by Susan Osofsky

*   *   *

4)  Cheyenne says ‘Thank You’!!!!  🙂   This meant a lot to me especially because she is an exacting teacher.

*   *   *





Thank You Cheyenne & Susan!

Cheyenne & Susan Osofsky

Cheyenne & Susan Osofsky

All photos & videos are by & property of Susan Osofsky.

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