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Earth Angel



Have some animals in your lives felt angelic in nature?
One of ours did, it was Leia our Shiba Inu.
Even as a pup, she had this affect of Lightness, she raised the spirits & the vibration of those in her presence, always.
She quietly brought up the energy in the space wherever she was present, and especially in our house.  We called her the “angel”. I have had other beloved dogs in my life, all very special and so full of personality in their own individual ways, and yet Leia was different.  She was from someplace beyond this dense world.

As she matured, she knew her purpose and oftentimes it seemed that she was quietly waiting for me to catch up and ‘get it’.  I, no We, grew to understand, and then she left too soon.

She held a big space;  and she continues to do so.  Forever in our hearts.

Love you Leia. ❤

“LEIA” Kaberu’s Leia of RanchLake

11-12-05 – 08-26-16 (Beau x Mayako 1)