Karen Hisata

Energy Work for Horses, Pets, & People





Thank you so much for working with my horse.  It was fascinating to watch you work and the breadth of responses/releases your work elicited.  He clearly sees you as a healer as shown by his desire to leave the herd to be with you when you came for his second session.  Remarkably, after owning him for 5 years, he is now leaving the herd to greet me when I come to get him! Thank you so much, for all your work and insights.  We look forward to your next visit.

Amy and Pu´ca”

When I first met Pu´ca, Amy told me that he had one puzzling & rather frustrating behavior which was, unlike the other horses she had owned;  he would not walk up to greet her. During our first Session I observed just this, and we walked out to meet him.  After our first session Amy let me know that his behavior had changed!

I had arrived early for our 2nd Session, so walked out to the pasture to get started with Pu´ca, and friendly as can be he came to greet me!  And that is how he greets Amy now.

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