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Bumpy’s Owner Shares About Her Experience

I received this message from a horse client this weekend! 🌞

“I want to share this ‘WOW’ moment when Karen came and did a session with my horse Bumpy in July.


Bumpy is 37 years old, she is a quarter horse, I’ve owned her for 23 years and she is my biggest best buddy!

A month ago 200+ goats were brought to our ranch to graze for weed control. On the 2nd day they all got loose and gathered near Bumpy’s paddock, she was very, very frightened!
For the next 2 days she would not eat or drink any water, she paced in her paddock and was just not calming down. I called Karen to come and help her asap as was worried she’d colic.

It was an amazing transformation to watch as Karen worked with Bumpy!
Within an hour Bumpy was back to her calm self! She started drinking water, a few swallows every 5 minutes (she’s very wise).

I watched her do this for 1 hour, then she ate some food throughout the night. She’s been herself ever since even with the goats there for a month. I’m forever grateful to Karen for the amazing work she does! Bumpy and I highly recommend Karen’s Energy Work services!”

Joan K. & Bumpy


Much gratitude to the awesome people and animals I have met in this work.  Thank you Joan!  ❤