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Bini, the Morgan owner Kate Schmidt-Hopper photo by Kate too.

Kate, Bini’s owner wrote about our healing session from last weekend… am sharing a client’s perspective:
“On Saturday Sept. 6th my Morgan gelding “Bini” and I had the opportunity to work with Karen Hisata, who practices spirit healing work for animals, sometimes helping them transition off the planet into the spirit world. I hoped she could perform a healing on Bini, who’s mysterious recent bout of metabolic laminitis really has me stumped.
We had tried to arrange something before, but I couldn’t trailer down to her and her schedule was too busy to travel up. Then, I acquired an iphone, and Karen suggested we arrange a Facetime session. Brilliant, as it turned out!

I was grooming Bini when she called. She began by using her drum to call her spirit helpers, guides, and Grandfather. Bini was a bit snorty at first, but soon seemed rather hypnotized by the beat. I couldn’t hear everything Karen was saying but when she said Centaurs closer to the phone, Bini’s eyes opened wide and he started licking and chewing. When Karen stopped her drumming I described this to her and she said the Centaurs bring a healing elixir for the subject to drink, but usually much later in the process!

Bini watched the screen (!!) as Karen set up her crystal circle and then placed ‘us’ as part of

the crystal alignment. She used a rattle to continue the session, inviting Bini and me to join the circle. Bini looking very relaxed and frequently licking and chewing, not always looking at the screen but I did endeavor to keep it in his line of vision. My left arm got tired and I had to switch to the right arm! At one point, she mentioned a spirit helper who was touching Bini’s body in the spirit circle, so I tried to be her embodiment and lightly touched Bini around his whole body.

Karen said Grandfather decided to cut all the unnecessary connections and leave just the Heart Connection between Bini and Me. He swept them away. Bini’s eyes were nearly closed during this part. Karen said there was a void or absence in his digestive tract, perhaps a missing nutrient or mineral (or inability of his body to assimilate). At the close of her session, she recommended a product that had already been suggested by Dr. Jaini Clougher president of the Equine Cushings Insulin Resistance support group! Once I get all my current products side by side so I can see what to eliminate and what to increase, I will get the suggested one and hopefully Bini’s vitamin and mineral balance will return, and the chronic laminitis will cease.

I took off Bini’s halter and opened the sand arena/ pasture area and he trotted out (soundly, as I showed Karen) for a dusty roll. He was headed to his favorite scratching “massage” tree and I walked closer to him to show Karen how he pushes hard against the tree. I was still at least 30-40 feet away when he noticed “us”. He left his tree, trotted over, touched my head and then Nuzzled the phone containing Karen’s image. It was so clear that this was a kiss of thanks! Then he turned and trotted away to scratch on the tree. I was, (and am,) completely flabbergasted by Bini’s action, and expressed so to Karen! Brought tears to my eyes!

Bini - Kate Schmidt-Hoppers horse

Wise & amazing Bini! photo by Kate Schmidt Hopper

Last night Bini had a return of a troubling symptom with sweating in the right flank area and very unhappy to be touched there. Soaking the hay and using a hay bag to slow consumption had eliminated this. More sleuthing work to do, and I did a lot of research today on the mineral balances. I will keep you posted! Thank you everyone who has expressed concern for Bini and sent him healing energy, and thank you Karen for the journey we 3 took together.”
Yes, please keep me/us posted on Bini’s progress Kate – he is amazing!
And trust his reactions, I believe he will improve now! XXX Karen

updates from Kate:

” I…was completely blown away by Bini’s action because his personality is rather imperious and gratitude is not a word I would associate with his behavior! It was so clear he was giving Karen’s image on the iphone a kiss/nuzzle of appreciation. Brought up tears.”
1 week later: “It was amazing! Bini is much better since then; except for the hind heel wound and tendon swelling from tearing around… ”
3 weeks later: “Update on Bini: he is sound today, longed well… even his right hind was striding normally, and left hind back to normal. Due for farrier so will wait to try riding until after re-shod. I promised to allow him to really heal…”

6 Weeks Update:  

“Follow up from Bini’s healing session Sept. 6, 2014.
I’m not accustomed to using the word Miracle. Bini n KateThere are, indeed, many people to thank for Bini’s change of course from having two feet in the grave to sound today. My farrier, for working with me, sometimes on Sundays, to puzzle out the best options on a week to week basis. Dr Jaini Clougher, the president of Equine Cushings Insulin Resistance.org and administrator of the FaceBook page, for sharing her personal story, and her evidence based knowledge about insulin resistant horses. I will have more questions for her once the second cut from my local hay source becomes available and I can send in both samples for hay analysis. Mineral balance is SO important! My husband and sisters, local horsey friends and FB friends for their suggestions and support must be on the list.
Still, miracle is the word that pops into my head when I see Bini looking happy and reasonably pain free (still on a NSAI) and, especially, sound, so that I was able to ride him for the first time today after a very long nearly 8 months. The turn around day was the day Karen Hisata channeled a distance energy/spirit healing through FaceTime as described previously. She is Bini’s Angel!
Less than one week after the healing circle, Bini was much better with quieter pulses. He even sent a message to me which it took me some time to understand; “No More Teaching” he said! Difficult for me since this is what I love about dressage; the process of asking questions and receiving yes answers from my equine partner leading to a harmonious dance. As I embraced this idea, and gently began to ask Bini to move his body more, I began to realize the statement had more to do with abandoning “insistence”. He does not want me to be a teacher, or a leader, or a boss. He wants a partner who will feel what the moment can offer, and accept it.
Working at liberty and on a longe, we are establishing a different relationship; He accepts my questions, I accept his answers. When I rode today, I was overjoyed to feel the balance in his stride, and lingering suppleness. Mostly walk, a few lateral steps, a bit of trot, right/ left walk into canter transitions; all offered with light aids. I changed my saddle set up, and used our old bitless bridle. Planning to replace it with a better one and go bitless. Though a past instructor (Christian Kristen Von Stetton) convinced me that a bit is for “refinement”, Bini’s future has more to do with his comfort, and not a learning curve.
I will find a different way to advance MY dressage learning goals. I’m hoping for the chance to learn from the school horses at Sierra Nevada Lusitanos in Napa. Karen and I will ride the same day which is ideal because we can video each other and enhance our education with technology, in the same way her ancient healing practice was transmitted through digital technology. I am indebted to Karen for introducing me to Carlos, and for being Bini’s Angel!”

Kate Schmidt-Hopper

Bini-KateShadow 10-13-14

photo by Kate Schmidt-Hopper

Thank you Kate for sharing your story and your photos with me!   Karen

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