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Energy Work for Horses, Pets, & People

About Karen

I am a life-long animal lover, an architect, a horse person, and a spirit healer.

My mare, Ziba, led me to  explore holistic & alternative solutions, then to start a holistic horse store called Just Equus, then to explore the direct experience of shamanic healing and energy work & finally to learn a wonderful bodywork method that works in connection, WITH the Horse.  In retrospect, my much-loved, often challenging, & most incredible horse led me directly onto my most life-affirming path.

smilesI am ever so grateful to her!  I have become a Reiki Master, am trained and skilled at Western Core Shamanic Healing and Practice, and am a Misha Carrier of the Andean Mystic tradition following the lineage of Juan Nuñez del Prado’s teachers Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andres Espinosa, Don Melchor Deza, Don Manuel Qispe, and Don Mariano Apaza .  Living Q’ero teachers of the Global Paqo School & Elizabeth Jenkins, Joan Parisi Wilcox, Jose Luis Herrera, Ernesto Hernandez Olmos (Mayan tradition), and Esther Jenkins.

During In-Person Sessions I may engage in Energy Work (for all beings) and/or Masterson Method Bodywork (for horses and dogs) as the situation calls for.  My skill lies in an intuitive feeling & sensing of the being combined with the ability to act as a strong connection between client, and the greater forces of Nature.  Through this empowered connection much positive transformation can take place and beautiful healing!

I also offer Distance Healing Work, similar approach via the shamanic journey, over the phone or zoom, and recorded.

It is essential and simple.  In connection with the client and the forces of Nature and Spirit, I empower the client’s own self-healing!   I offer this work with pure intention for my client’s highest good, in line with their highest purpose, and ask to be the clearest vessel for Divine Guidance and Healing.

Services Offered


photo by Susan Osofsky


  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Joyful, Powerful, Divine!  Those are descriptives of the nature & essence of a Shamanic Healing Session.  Shamanic Healing is Divine Healing.  I engage and communicate with Spirit and act as a conduit for Spirit’s work to be done which includes supporting the client’s healing processes in Mind + Body + Spirit.     Shamanic Healing informs all aspects of my practice.  It can so powerfully help an individual to shift long held patterns, to release foreign and heavy energies, to initiate beautiful healing transformation!  I love to see the shifts in animals for they are so open to Spirit, to Energy, and they have no limiting beliefs.  🙂   I also love to work with people.

Certification of Shamanic Training from Spirit Healer School of Shamanism – studied with Carla Meeske  (Western Core Shamanic ‘Tradition’)

  • Misha carrier (Paqo) of the Andean Tradition

Studying the Andean Path; following the lineage of Juan Nuñez del Prado’s teachers Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andres Espinosa, Don Melchor Deza, Don Manuel Qispe, and Don Mariano Apaza.  And my current Q’ero teachers of the Global Paqo School in Q’eros facilitated and led by Elizabeth Jenkins; Joan Parisi Wilcox; Jose Luis Herrera; & Esther Jenkins.   Ernesto Hernandez Olmos (Mayan tradition) is also a beloved mentor and teacher.

  • Reiki Practitioner, Master (3rd degree level)

I am a Reiki Master (Third Degree).  Master refers to the capacity or nature of Energy that one channels when practicing Reiki, and not to the fact one is so very “Masterful” which I would not self-proclaim.  I practice a pure form of Reiki known as the system of Usui Reiki Ryoho  which is the traditional Japanese form of Reiki (closest to its origin) developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s to support healing and personal development.  Over the years in the US, it has undergone new developments under Western Practices.  I wanted to first learn the pure form closest to its creation – Usui Reiki Ryoho is this essential form.

Shoden Level:  Donna Gaus & Linda Alderman

Okuden Level:  Kathleen Prasad

Shinpinden Level:  Joyce Leonard

  • Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork, Certified Practitioner

I am a certified Masterson Method Practitioner (MMCP).  Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork is an interactive method of equine massage in which we recognize and use the responses of the horse to our touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension & integrating adjustments.  Horses love this method as they guide the work and are able to assimilate the improvements in their bodies naturally.

  • Essential Oil Practitioner

Essential Oils are a wonderful tool in my practice.  I use doTERRA Essential Oils in my work as their purity is 100% and their certified pure therapeutic grade quality are excellent.

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