Karen Hisata

Energy Work for Horses, Pets, & People


Karen is available for in-person and distance work.

In-Person Sessions:

  • In-person appt (w/i SF Bay Area Peninsula)  $125, duration is 1 – 1.5 hrs.

Aromatherapy + Energy Healing Work.

contact Karen:  karen@justequus.com

Distance Work Sessions:

  • A Shamanic Healing Journey, 45-60 min.   $125

  • via Phone, Skype or Facetime

Initially we will talk on phone and clarify your intention for the work.  We meet on the phone, Skype, or Facetime;  you are invited to include your animal, it can be very powerful and moving for them.  I do a deep Shamanic Journey and the work is visual, metaphorical and a ‘journey’ – it works in ways that are beyond my specific explanation other than that Spirit guides the process and it manifests in relation to your intention, need (not want) and your highest good.

contact Karen:  karen@justequus.com

3 Session Series:

Three Sessions for $350 (w/i the SF Bay Area Peninsula, Ca.) 

  • Travel time over 1/2hr is $15 per 50 miles.
  • Grouped appts of 2 or more have no travel fee.

Aromatherapy + Energy Healing Work + Shamanic Healing.

When I see a horse or client consecutive weeks, the work can powerfully evolve as the horse releases layers of tension.  The nature of the 3 sessions is tailored to your feedback and needs.

contact Karen:  karen@justequus.com

To Schedule Your Appointment:

contact Karen

phone:  650-283-8512

email:  karen@justequus.com

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What People Are Saying

Energy Healing – what is it?:

I believe All things, from rocks, plants, trees, animals, and people are Energy.  Essentially we are Spirit, Divine Light.  And perhaps the ultimate truth is that we are Love.  We exist in energetic connection to everything else, to All that Is.

When we become conscious of this to the very depths of our being, we momentarily resonate as such… in the ‘Knowingness of All that Is’ (a state of presence & openness – the vessel/channel/hollow bone).  In this state, enlisting the aid of compassionate and loving Spirit, we guide the process thru focused intention and bear witness to another Beings’ healing.   That is what I do and it is a shamanic path.

As a clear & adept facilitator (healer) – Working from a place of Love & without Ego…

Energy Healing will do no harm.  Energy Healing from this place of Love without Ego:  Empowers the recipient to heal oneself, is supportive ALWAYS.  It can be subtle, deep, transformative, and even miraculous!  As the divine intelligence of the receiver guides what is needed, it is Essential.

From a practical standpoint, it helps whoever receives treatment to relax, release tension, anxiety, stress, and oftentimes pain;  it can empower the body in its healing process;  it can simply help the recipient to harmonize & balance their mind, body, emotions, & spirit.  And it FEELS GOOD!