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Client Feedback

Christina Christensen

Karen has been a huge help with a former Grand Prix horse that I own. For whatever reason, he tends to hold tension in his neck and spine, and hold his breath. She identified all of his existing conditions by feel alone, which speaks for itself. After his sessions with Karen, he is literally twice as flexible, and carries himself in a more relaxed manner. As horse owners, we have to make sure that every angle of their care is accounted for. And as athletes, even more so!  Karen helps make that happen  .
Christina Christensen,
Owner of Core Equestrian

Blake C.

My horses absolutely love working with Karen. She provides them gentle and welcome relief through her reiki/bodywork. Coupled with her essential oil treatment, they are in horse spa heaven. In fact, one of my horses gets very jealous when she is at our barn for an appointment and insists that she pays him a visit too. Lastly, her shamanic healing journeys are a fascinating intuitive delight with many valuable insights. It is a true pleasure to work with Karen and I highly recommend her work.

Kate S.H.

I have experienced both in person and distance energy work with Karen, and gave both my sisters gifts of her distance shamanic talents. We all have discovered powerful changes for ourselves, our interactions with our animals and in our human relationships resulting from our sessions.

Barbara M. MMCP

Karen’s work is powerful and honest. Her skills as a healer are truly wonderful. She holds a space for her clients with integrity and compassion. She has done sessions on me and my dog, both were wonderful and healing. My dog follows Karen around until she works on him.
I have seen her work on other animals, most notably on horses, and the shifts that I’ve witnessed were nothing short of amazing, The expressions on their faces as they receive the work is very moving and I find my own heart opening to the wonders of this work.

Lori Tuttle, Founder of Hope, Horses & Kids

I called Karen when one of our program horses was showing some aggression and generalized discomfort throughout her body. Jewels is one of our go-to horses for our special needs students who need a safe, solid ride. When she exhibited some aggressive behavior I knew something was going on. I reached out to Karen and she did a distance reading and then followed up with an in-person session. It was an emotional, intense session and Karen was so present and respectful of Jewels’ feelings. An amazing session. With Karen’s help, Jewels is on a road to recovery and healing. She’s pretty awesome!

Joan Kuntz

I want to share this ‘WOW’ moment when Karen came and did a session with my horse Bumpy in July. Bumpy is 37 years old, she is a quarter horse, I’ve owned her for 23 years and she is my biggest best buddy!

A month ago 200+ goats were brought to our ranch to graze for weed control. On the 2nd day they all got loose and gathered near Bumpy’s paddock, she was very, very frightened!
For the next 2 days she would not eat or drink any water, she paced in her paddock and was just not calming down. I called Karen to come and help her asap as was worried she’d colic.

It was an amazing transformation to watch as Karen worked with Bumpy!
Within an hour Bumpy was back to her calm self! She started drinking water, a few swallows every 5 minutes (she’s very wise).

I watched her do this for 1 hour, then she ate some food throughout the night. She’s been herself ever since even with the goats there for a month. I’m forever grateful to Karen for the amazing work she does! Bumpy and I highly recommend Karen’s Energy Work Services!”

Anastasia H.

Karen is a healer of people and animals. She incorporates a number of techniques to achieve the best results and I can attest to her compassion and skill. Thank you, Karen, for all your help.


Kim Walnes

Healing Journey with Gideon

“Words cannot express how grateful Gideon and I are! You and your healing team are AWESOME!”

“I have some great news!  I rode Gideon for the first time since we’ve been working with the Shaman, Karen Hisata, and wow!  The anomaly in his back that first appeared after last winter is completely gone!
He once again felt free and flowing.  The lumbar vertebrae that body work wasn’t helping are once again smooth and flat and are staying that way.
Our deepest gratitude goes out to Karen and her healing team! ”

Kim Walnes

The Way of The Horse


Read more about Gideon here

Amy S.

on-site with Pu’ca

Thank you so much for working with my horse. It was fascinating to watch you work and the breadth of responses/releases your work elicited. He clearly sees you as a healer as shown by his desire to leave the herd to be with you when you came for his second session. Remarkably, after owning him for 5 years, he is now leaving the herd to greet me when I come to get him! Thank you so much, for all your work and insights. We look forward to your next visit.”
Amy and Pu´ca

Read more about Pu’ca here…

Deedee L.

on-site with Dottie & Sonny

     The day of the session with my 18 year old POA mare, Dottie, was amazing. She is a ‘move about horse’. And she stood quietly for almost the whole time while you were with her. That was the first thing I noticed. Then, her willingness to have you work with her energy was amazing. Almost no objection. And the deep deep release and relaxation I saw happening put me in a similar state. Something from her belly released into your hand with sharp, prickly sensation. It must have been bothering her. Because even days later she seems so much ‘happier’ and willing to be with us. Instead of having to go get her halfway up in her pasture, she is coming at a trot right to the gate to meet us. And sticking her head into the offered halter. I don’t know what all transpired, but I can see a different set of results than before. Thank you.
     The session you did with my 19 year old gelding, Sonny, even amazed my engineer husband. Sonny stood immediately (not so strange) but  then he melted into your presence. I appreciated your comments about how well preserved he is for his age and how grounded and steady. He is that horse. I hope to have him and ride him into his thirties. You give me hope. I have been telling people we discovered Sonny has his own Spirit Guide, a big black/brown bear. (Hard to do with a straight face) As you were working with that energy Sonny transformed into that shaggy beast in some ways. His openness to the combination of energy and Mastersen work pleased me. He was so willing to move himself into positions of stretch and release. the way he surrendered to you, almost taking a nap  in your arms as you worked on him, his soft, sleepy eyes showed so much trust. Since your visit, he has been more present, playful and MOVING. A big change. Thank you.
     What was so interesting was Dottie’s reaction to your work with Sonny. When you first started working with Sonny, she was very close to him. They are very connected on any day, so I drew her away, to create a space for you and Sonny to connect. After a while when I let her find her own place, she slowly drifted back toward you two. And then she positioned herself just outside the circle of energy you were working in and went into a ‘trance’. She looked as if she was floating on the deep, calm energy you had created around Sonny. It seemed like she was continuing the releases that had begun in her own session. I don’t think she put herself in your way. Just rode the energy. And for a ‘walk about horse’ she stood quietly the whole time.
     Thank you for your immense kindness to my horses in all you did. Your approach, your touch, your appreciation for them shone through in every moment and movement. You inspire me to let my love and joy be expressed in every moment and movement I am with them.”
     DeeDee L.

Susan O.

on-site w/ Cheyenne

“I am very impressed with Karen’s gentleness and her ability to work with a reactive horse. She is able to keep herself safe and can perform the healing work with her hands off of the horse and/or from many feet away. In addition, she is able to add in some small physical manipulations to help with tight areas. Her many tools allow her work to be very effective. I also appreciate that Karen can work on the whole horse as well as spend more time in a specific areas of pain/tension. I knew that Cheyenne had pain in her left front, but I did not know about the other areas that Karen found. I am very grateful to Karen for helping Cheyenne release tension and pain.
Thanks again for a wonderful healing session.”

Susan O.

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Suzanne W.

Healing Journey Work

“Yesterday Karen did a healing journey for me. It was quite an amazing, profound experience, one I am still digesting and pondering. Her description of the images she saw on the journey were so detailed and evocative and powerful. Even though we were far apart, I felt it on a very physical level in my body. I even smelt jasmine at one point as her guide instructed us to take a deep breath. I experienced the same internal “gurgling” that accompanies the unblocking of energy that I’ve had when I’ve had hands-on bodywork before. So far I feel lighter, more hopeful and peaceful. Words do not really do justice to this experience. I look forward to seeing the impact this will have on my life and will write again of any outcomes. Thank you Karen for the amazing trip. I believe you are a pure soul whose guides do true healing through you.”
from Suzanne

Kate S.H.

Healing Journey with Bini

“Some things can be explained with the intellect and others only with the heart; these sessions are in the second group!! Bini continues to heal and I have been careful to stay with the heart connection now that I can ride him again. All his previous training is entirely intact, and offered with the lightest of aids, every ride. I can’t recommend Karen Hisata enough to anyone seeking to enhance their own healing, and their horse’s!!!!!!!!! ”
from Kate Schmidt-Hopper

Read more about Bini here

Joe P.

Healing Journey Work

“Karen, My words cannot convey how deeply rich and meaningful your journey was. It was beautiful, healing, and delightful.
Every word Enid conveyed was true, accurate, and right on!
All my best,”
Joe P

Barbara M.

Healing Journey Work

“I really can’t express in words how beautiful, powerful and meaningful that reading was for me. I felt the power and love of all the participants in the healing and truly love that you and Ziba are actually in the physical realm so I can visit with you. Just know that I have been working on releasing my mother for about a year or so and the sadness accompanying that has been strong. The reading has given me the extra push I need to allow myself to step into the space that is me. And what an amazing space that is!
A million hugs,”

Barbara M

“You are very gifted as a shamanic guide/ healer. Thank you so much.”

Barbara M

Shamanic practitioner, Laura N. journeyed for me & Ziba (my horse) recently. Here is part of the wisdom she shared with me:
“Ziba & Karen are together so that Karen can learn that she is a ‘Horse Wisdom Keeper’.
A blessed one who cares for a horse with respect, dignity and one who is able to create a deep bond of communication across species. She is a pioneer of how things will be in the 5th dimensional future. Horses have supported us and died for us and now they will lead us in new directions. Karen & Ziba are a powerful team. As above, so below. As they interact, learn & love, the power of this union affects change outside of themselves. Recognize your power and use it to change the world.
· As this communication was taking place, Paint horse and Greywolf were running around Ziba.
· Ziba said that was all for now, so we all returned from our journey…”

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Dottie's Energy Bubble

Dottie, POA.  Owner Deedee L.

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