Karen Hisata

Energy Work for Horses, Pets, & People

Art Notes

Drawing what I see or experience from my healing work helps me to
integrate key insights and learning experiences deeply.  My personal challenge is self-trust.  By drawing ‘teachings’, I grow my self-trust, and most importantly I am able to Thank the Spirits & the Divine!

New Year Rainbow 2016One key insight that I’d like to share with you (and for me it is HUGE!) is:  That Our Intention, our Thoughts, our Creative Processes are deeply transformative and powerful – beyond our limited perceptions of time, space, and matter!  When we act in open connection with Loving Spirit & Divine Source our own process allows for the Divine to manifest on this plane.  As above, so below!  Miracles are a part of our daily existence when we are open to them.  In this knowing and with loving intent, we cannot help but spread the Light.

In a time of powerful transformation (one in which opposite forces are at play).  I believe it is of utmost importance that we share our Light Consciousness.
So if you are reading this, I applaud you to shine on!!!  Spread your light far and wide.  Shine it towards all manifestations of fear.  Live in Expansion.  Live in LOVE.




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