Karen Hisata

Energy Work for Horses, Pets, & People


Enjoy Integrated Energy Work to Release, Rebalance, Reconnect, Reharmonize  & ReEnergize. 

Integrated Energy Work describes my healing work which melds Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryogo) with Shamanic Healing  (Western Core Shamanic Tradition), and Aromatherapy.  It also describes what happens within the individual who participates in this powerful process of self-healing; to Integrate is “to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole” and as it relates to the Mind+Body+Spirit condition, the release of energetic blockages and intrusions, the harmonization of energy flow, the infusion of Spirit’s Medicine is powerful Integrative Energy Healing!  As a longtime Horse person & founder of the holistic equine store, JUST EQUUS, the Horse connection runs strong for me.  I also work happily with pets and wildlife, and people!

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